Functional Programming Jobs

Full-Stack Web Developer

Haven Connect

  • reactjs
  • elixir
  • graphql
  • postgresql
  • typescript

Quick Facts

Haven Connect
Denver, CO, US
Mid-Level, Senior
$ 80,000 - 120,000

Job benefits

  • Impact thousands of folks finding housing
  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • Involvement in product decisions (early on)
  • Macbook Pro laptop
  • Ultrawide or 4K monitor
  • 401k with 5% match

Job description

Responsibilities and Opportunities

You'll be tasked with building core application features, either designing the tables and APIs to drive it or the user interface to use it (or both). Your role here will be determined by your strengths and interests. You'll be given ample opportunity to become a domain expert and owner of the systems you are most interested in.

Just as you'll be guiding the design and implementation of the product, you'll also be expected to help guide the direction of the software stack. Specifically, we're interested in migrating away from some technology choices which are no longer serving us, such as our roots in MeteorJS.

You'll also have an opportunity to learn Elixir, a new functional programming language.

Unique Technical Challenges and Opportunities

  • We're looking to bring great software practices to bear on an underrepresented market

  • The product experience must be extremely empathetic to our users 

  • Since we operate in a heavily regulated space, our software must be thoroughly tested for compliance

  • Data integrity is critical, and changes must be auditable

Technical Requirements

  • Strong experience with TypeScript

  • Strong experience with SQL

  • Experience with React and single page applications

  • Experience using relational databases, especially schema design

  • Favors pragmatic functional programming

Qualities We're Looking For

  • Marathon pace engineering ideals; thinking slow to move fast

  • Comfortable working with both local and remote teams; you'll be working in an office in Denver and working with another team in Austin, TX.

  • Comfortable providing and accepting feedback

Our Stack

  • TypeScript single-page application using React, GraphQL (Apollo), and CSS modules

  • Elixir server running on Phoenix and Absinthe for the GraphQL endpoint

  • PostgreSQL database

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